Embrace The Current Season You’re In

Embrace the current season you're in.

For many years, I struggled to accept where I was at in certain seasons in my life. It’s easy to get caught up in wishing and hoping for where you want to be instead of embracing exactly where you are in a single moment. Learn to embrace the current season you’re in and welcome the unknown—no matter how it might feel.

Remember that things will never be like they are now.

When I was younger, I often wished I was older and wondered what my future life would look like or where I would be. It’s like when we get through one stage of life, we’re ready to jump into the next. Or maybe sometimes it’s the opposite, and we wish we could go backwards to when life felt ‘easier’, or things just felt different.

It’s important to remember that things will never be like they are now, and maybe we don’t want them to be. There’s good and bad in every season we experience, but we must accept that and take one along with the other. You won’t always be in the current place you’re in, and it’s important to appreciate where you’re at before eventually having more.

Focus on what you’re learning.

Instead of focusing on what you want differently, shift your mindset to concentrate on what the current season is teaching you. Is it allowing you to grow in areas that you lack? By getting what you don’t want, is it leading you to exactly what you do want? Don’t be hesitant to look for the lesson in the season you’re in. There’s almost always a lesson, or an area that we need to improve on. The things that try to break us down and make us feel weak can propel us to be stronger than we’ve ever been before.

Prepare yourself for what’s to come.

We may be in certain circumstances because it helps prepare us for our next destination. If we never allow ourselves to grow in uncomfortable situations, we may never be prepared for what’s right around the corner. Things can change in a single moment, sometimes the exact moment we’re about to give up. Prepare yourself for the next season, never remain planted exactly where you are.

Believe that all things work together for your own good.

If we don’t believe in ourselves, who will believe for us? When we get caught up in a ‘disastrous’ season, we can’t see the beauty in the ashes. We may be struggling on the inside, but if we keep moving forward and believe all things are working together for our own good, it’ll eventually manifest on the outside.

Just as seasons change from fall to winter to spring to summer, the seasons in our lives can change just as quickly. It may feel like you’re waiting forever when it’s something you truly want and desire, but no matter how long it takes, the worth always out measures the wait. After all, what if the thing you were waiting for the most happened after you gave up? Embrace the current season you’re in, knowing that the best is truly yet to come. 

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  1. 3.15.24

    What a beautiful post about mindfulness and embracing the season you are in. Agree about focusing on what you’re learning, and living fully in the season you’re in.

    • 3.18.24

      Thank you so much!! Absolutely, so important to appreciate & be mindful of the present moment we’re in! Appreciate you reading ❤️