When A Door Closes, Another One Always Opens

It’s a phrase I’ve often heard: “When a door closes, another one always opens.” A concept that was so simple to understand, yet at times it felt so hard to grasp. Before I dug into what it meant and understood the weight of its meaning, it felt like it was one of those things people would say. Not that the meaning of it wasn’t true, because in fact it is. But somehow, until I experienced it this last time, I finally began to understand how powerful those words are. 

Always trust the door closed for a reason.

It’s hard to accept why situations happen when we can’t understand the reasoning behind it. Nothing hit me harder than when I lost my last job. Although many others were in the same position as myself, it still felt like a hard pill to swallow. I’ve written my entire life, and it finally felt like I was carving my path forward in the ‘writing world’. It didn’t feel like a normal job loss (is that even such a thing?), but rather something that was stolen from me. It wasn’t that I was torn up specifically about the job itself—but the feeling that maybe writing wasn’t for me after all. 

The day after I lost my job, I listened to a speech by Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe from Friends) called ‘Find Your Reason.’ In her speech, she said how after she was fired from Frasier, she also came to the moment of ‘maybe acting wasn’t for her, after all’. Two months later, she auditioned and was the second person cast for ‘Friends Like Us’, which we know as ‘Friends’. Near the end, she thanked God she was fired and said, “When one door closes, another one always opens.” 

I listened to this speech once before, early in my 20s, when I just quit a job I loved because I knew it was no longer for me. It’s hard figuring out your direction when you know what you want to do and what you’re meant to do, but when you’re not exactly sure how to get there. 

For some reason, listening to this speech for a second time felt different. My whole life didn’t fall apart, but it felt like a piece of it did. Sometimes, no matter how bad we want something or how right we might think it is, it simply isn’t for us. We have to come to a place where we accept that and embrace the new direction we’re shifting in, no matter how it might feel. Instead of staring at the ‘door’ wondering why it closed, accept that it happened for a reason—even if you don’t quite understand the reason yet.

Believe there is better right around the corner.

One of my favorite quotes by C.S. Lewis is, “There are far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” I did believe there was something better for me. There wasn’t a doubt in my mind, because to me, there had to be. I didn’t finally get where I wanted to be, to just be nowhere. Although it would’ve been easy to allow myself to drown in my feelings, I knew I had to try to move on the best I could—no matter how long it took. It’s undoubtedly true, that the very thing we’re hoping for could come just as we were about to give up. While it’s easier said than done, continuing to trust and believe that there’s always something better, can help navigate through the chapter that unexpectedly closed.

Welcome the new direction you’re shifting in.

While I started the journey of building this website awhile ago, I didn’t realize how much went into it at first. There was often so much to do and learn that it felt overwhelming. After the door of my job closed, it felt like the right time to pursue my passion of writing to help others. At the age of 5 I knew I wanted to be a writer, at the age of 23 I knew I wanted to help women, and at the age of 31 both were finally coming together with my own publication. Additionally, I started to take on writing projects that I would’ve never had the time for if that door didn’t close when it did. I welcomed the new direction I was being shifted in, and took it as an opportunity to pursue something I wanted for so long. A rejection is not a sign of failure, but a redirection into something better than we could’ve ever imagined possible. 

May we never lose sight of the beauty of endings, which are actually beginnings in disguise. & may we always remember that when a door closes, another one always opens.

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  1. 10.26.23
    Maggie Klenow said:

    Your words hold so much truth and hope for anyone feeling the weight of change. I so appreciate the honesty you wrote with in this and can definitely relate, thank you for sharing!

    • 10.27.23

      Thank you so much, I super appreciate that!! I’m glad it resonated with you, thanks for reading!

  2. 10.27.23
    Patty said:

    Love this! ❤️ Well said…. and sooo true!!