How To Find Strength In Difficult Times

How to find strength in difficult times.

When facing a difficult time, one of the biggest challenges is finding strength to endure what we’re going through. If I reflect on some of the most difficult times in my life, there were times when I would find myself questioning if it would ever end. Sometimes our best day might look like putting our feet on the floor and facing the day, even if every part of us wants to do the complete opposite. Here are some reminders on how to find strength in difficult times:  

Find Your Inner Peace 

Growing up, my mom always told me to “find my inner peace.” We’re all familiar with that feeling that makes us feel calm. When we’re going through a difficult time, it’s hard to quiet the distractions in our minds especially if we’re constantly thinking about our situation. Attempting to step outside your situation can help you see things from a different and more clear perspective. While I believe everything happens for a reason, it can be hard to understand the reasoning why it’s happening. Try to focus on the things that bring you happiness, even if it’s something small. Redirecting your thoughts will help you find your inner peace, and give you the relief you need to get through this difficult time.

Remind Yourself This is Only Temporary 

Just as feelings come and go, so do difficult situations. There are far fewer things worse than feeling like the situation you’re in is never going to end. Especially when it seems like things keep piling up on you, and it seems like you’ll never catch that break you are desperately hoping for. At the moment it might feel like the situation you’re in will never end, but know that one day it will. Even if there’s no sign of hope for when that day will come, remind yourself it won’t last forever. By reminding ourselves that the situation is only temporary, it’ll help build our strength to get through another day. 

Always Look Ahead, Never Behind 

Whether the situation feels in your control or not, always push yourself to look forward without holding onto the past. While I made a handful (or more than a handful) of mistakes in my 20s, it felt easy to cling to the past when I would reflect on certain choices I made. Although every choice determines the path we’re on, being consumed with the past won’t change a single thing—no matter how much we think about it or reflect on our decisions. Commit to always looking ahead instead of behind, to help you walk through this challenging time. 

Focus On What You Can Control 

While we can’t magically speed up time to get through a difficult situation, we can shift our mindset by focusing on the things we can control, rather than what we can’t. Even if the situation we’re in is a result of our own choices, we can’t turn back the clock and change the decisions that led us down the path we’re on. But what we can do is shift our mindset to focus on the things that we can control. Choose to focus on positive thoughts and the things that will help you get through this difficult time. Focusing on what you can control will help you let go of everything you can’t. 

Give Yourself Grace 

Some days will be better than others. Even if you feel like you’re in a good place one day, the next day it might feel like you’re back to square one. The most challenging situation I’ve been in was leaving a toxic relationship. There were days I convinced myself I was ready to move forward, yet the next day I woke up feeling powerless. Give yourself grace on the challenging days that you feel like you’re taking a step back. Recognize the areas you feel weak in to help you find inner strength and push through the hard times.

Reflect On Other Difficult Times You Overcame

Sometimes, we endure tough times so that when other situations come into our lives, we can remind ourselves of how we overcame similar challenges in the past. It can help us stay strong in the present moment, to face our difficult situation and push through something we never thought we could. When things are good, it’s hard to remember there was ever a time when things were bad. Reflecting on the times we never thought we’d overcome can give us strength to endure anything we’re currently going through. 

Remember, There’s No Timeline For Healing 

Even if we feel like there’s a specific time we “should” heal by, or a time we should “move on” by, there’s no such thing. No matter how long the difficult situation you’re facing is, whether a moment, month, year, or season—allow yourself to heal at your own pace. If we force ourselves to move on before we’re ready, we might find we’re not really over it at all. Not dealing with the feelings you’re experiencing can cause more pain in the long run. Never pressure yourself to move on by a specific time; accept that some things might take longer to heal. 

While facing challenging times throughout our lives is unavoidable, finding our strength can help us overcome and endure what we’re going through. Always remember the most difficult times will pass, even if it feels endless. 

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  1. 1.14.24

    This post really gives me plenty to think about. I especially like your message that there is no timeline for healing. Having been through a long spell of bad health recently, it’s hard to believe that there is an end to it when day after day shows no improvement. Now that I’m better, I can see that a timeline can be an unrealistic approach, and that we need to be patient with ourselves and our bodies.

    • 1.15.24

      I’m glad this post resonated with you! So sorry to hear about your health. It can definitely be challenging to remain in a good headspace while navigating through the unknown—especially when faced with a situation that is out of our control. Thinking of you & hoping for all the healing and strength you need to overcome what you’re going through. ❤️

  2. 2.13.24

    Inspiring! Thank you for writing this to encourage women like me.