7 Types Of Friendships We All Need In Our Lives

7 types of friendship we all need in our lives.

Friendships are something I’ve always cherished throughout my life. Each friendship we have is never exactly the same, because each one brings us different things we need at different times in our lives. Sometimes we need a friend who always knows what to say, or a friend who simply supports our decisions, no matter how ridiculous it seems to anybody else.

The qualities our friends have can vary from relationship, or if you’re lucky enough, you might find that one friend that has all the qualities you need wrapped up into one. I’ve always had a diverse group of friends, and some of my friends overlap many of the same qualities. Each person in our lives has a distinct purpose and brings us what we need when we need it. 

No matter what life stage you or your friend is in, a true friendship is there regardless of time or distance. Friends enrich our lives, brighten up our days, and help us feel whole. Here are 7 types of friendship that we all need in our lives:

1. The Feel-Good Friendship

This is the friendship that always makes you feel good, no matter what. Simply being in their presence makes you feel better, and you never find yourself in a bad mood when you’re around them. The feel-good friend is the person you can count on to always lift you up, encourage you, and make you feel better because of their happy and uplifting presence. These friends always leave you feeling better than before you saw them. They are always there to help lift you up when you’re feeling down. 

2. The Supportive Friendship

The supportive friendship is the one you can always count on, no matter what situation you find yourself in. They’re supportive of your small dreams, big dreams, and everything in between. This friend will never second-guess when you say you’re going to accomplish something, no matter how far out of reach it seems, because they’re always right next to you cheering you on.  They’re the first friend you turn to when you need to vent about an ex, and are equally the same friend that is there when you decide to turn around and take back that ex. A supportive friend supports you no matter what your decisions are, even if they don’t always necessarily agree with you.

3. The Tough-Love Friendship 

One of the most authentic friendships you can have are the ones that give you tough love. This is the kind of friend who is honest no matter what, even if it hurts. They listen with intent and are truthful about how they feel, without sugarcoating anything. These are the friends that make you dig deep within yourself, and make you think about who you are, and who you desire to be. This type of friend always respects and supports you, but they’ll also be brutally honest when they don’t agree with something.

While we can often learn from our mistakes, sometimes we need that extra push to make a change, and this friend will always give us that push. They’ll always be honest with you and will be the first ones to put you back in place, but they’ll never put you down. Sometimes we might try to resist feedback because we might not want to hear the things we don’t want to deal with, but this friend will always give us the tough love we need at the exact moment we need it.

4. The Down For Anything Friendship

I’m the complete opposite of a planner. I love living in the moment, spontaneously deciding what to do at the last second. Since I thrive on this, I know the friends I can turn to when I want to randomly go out to eat, go for a walk, or simply hang out. These are the friends you can count on to hang out with no questions asked and with no specific plans. There are of course times that you do need a plan, especially if you a​​nd your friend have conflicting schedules, but there’s comfort in having a down for anything friend when you’re feeling spontaneous or get the urge to do something completely random.

5. The Non-Judgmental Friendship

There’s no better type of friendship than the one you know you can go to with anything, without fear of judgment. The non-judgmental friend is the friend you can share your darkest secrets, fears, hopes, and desires. They would never bat an eye to anything you say, or make you feel like any less than the person you are. They embrace you completely and support you exactly where you’re at.  While we all make mistakes at times, this friend always embraces you for who you are, regardless of a choice you did or didn’t make. They always know what to say to make you feel better, even when you can’t find the words yourself. 

6. The Friendship That Pulls You Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

We like to stay exactly where we’re comfortable, because of the fear of change. But having that one friend, who pushes us out of our comfort zone, can help us become the best version of ourselves. We should strive to find that type of friendship that always challenges and pushes us, even if it’s something that we initially would shy away from. Some of our best times could come from experiences that are completely out of our comfort zone. You never know what could come out of doing something you wouldn’t normally do.

The best friendships are the ones that have seen you through many life stages, and have loved every version of you.

7. The Friendship That No Time Or Distance Can Separate  

My favorite type of friendships are the ones that I know that no matter how much time passes, our relationship remains the same. Life gets busier and busier the older we get, and with this type of friendship, it’s never a competition or making the other person feel bad for not being able to spend time together. These are the friends that know life is busy but equally appreciate any time you do get together because they know time is valuable. They’re also the friends that the second you do see each other, you’re catching up, venting, and laughing like old times. These friends are also the same friends who have seen you through many life stages and have loved every version of you. They are always there no matter how much time or distance passes, regardless of how busy life gets.

The best friendships are the ones that make you feel more like yourself. Appreciate each friendship for what it brings you. Friends might bring you different things at different times, or maybe you have that one friend who has all the qualities you need in a friendship. Our lives become more fulfilled and complete when we appreciate the different friendships for what they are, and exactly what they bring to our lives. 

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  1. 2.28.24
    Katherine said:

    This is such an important topic! It’s so important to realise that we often get (and give) different things to different friends. Having people you can rely on for certain things in life is such a blessing!

    • 2.29.24

      I agree, the biggest blessing! So important to recognize and acknowledge our friends exactly for who they are!

  2. 2.28.24
    Lani said:

    My friends always ask me for Love advice and sadly “The Tough-Love Friendship” that I offer often gets misunderstood. Even if you warn them. So rephrasing has sometimes worked for me.

    • 2.29.24

      I feel like I used to be a person that would get offended easily, but then once I realized that the person was coming from a place a love, it helped me handle it easier. Now I find myself going to those friends more often than not, because they always tell me the truth no matter what. As long as you’re being true to yourself and honest with how you feel, that’s what is most important. I can see how rephrasing it would definitely help also! ❤️

  3. 2.29.24

    Great post! We need to know the types of friendships so that we can deal with them wisely.

    • 3.1.24

      Thank you so much! I agree, understanding the different types of friendships helps us navigate them better. Thanks for reading!