Motivational Reminders When You’re Feeling Stuck

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When the new year started, I found myself feeling extra motivated. There’s something about starting with a blank slate and an opportunity to work towards new goals and growth for the year. It’s been almost four months since I launched my website. Once I found a consistent routine that worked for my schedule, it was easy to stay motivated as the weeks passed. Especially combined with the ambition of starting a new year. However, for some reason as soon as February started, I found that same motivation starting to slip.

Not in terms of giving up, but in trying to find any ounce of motivation to start. When we begin anything new, there’s always an overwhelming amount of information. Sometimes I think the hardest part about pushing through and completing tasks is finding the motivation to begin. But once we begin and make that commitment, it’s easier to manage. And it’s never as bad or difficult as we initially thought it would be. If you find yourself lacking motivation or feeling unproductive, check out the list below for motivational reminders when you’re feeling stuck:

It’s Okay To Pause And Take A Break

Burnout is real and can happen quicker than we realize if we don’t allow ourselves to rest. I’ve noticed when I try to do too much at one time and put unnecessary pressure on myself, I end up falling behind. Which is ironic, because by trying to do everything at once, I’m essentially trying to get ahead. The expectations we put on ourselves can cause us to feel more behind than we are. It’s important to set boundaries, deadlines, and have a goal that you’re working towards. But it’s also important to pause and take a break if you need it. Even on the days you might feel ‘behind’, remind yourself you can only do so much at one time.

Taking a break might look like setting aside time to pause and reflect, even if it’s only 20-minute increments at a time when you need it. Whenever I’m able to stop for a moment and shift my mindset, I always end up coming back with a more clear perspective. Even in the moments the break feels inconvenient, or when I try to convince myself I’ll be farther behind if I pause to rest. We can accomplish more if we pause and give ourselves a break when we need it the most. Never feel guilty or that you’ll be behind when taking a much-needed break. Your body, mind, and emotions will thank you for it. 

Success Can Look Like Showing Up One Day At A Time

Success isn’t linear. It’s rarely ever a straight line that starts at one point and connects directly to the next. The pressure we put on ourselves because of society can skew how we visualize our own success. How success looks to you might look different to somebody else, and there’s so much behind the scenes either way that we can’t possibly see. But the most important part is knowing that even the smallest success is still a success. Success can look like showing up one day at a time. By committing to starting small, it can end up turning into something big. Even if it feels like you’ve been chipping away at something and aren’t seeing any immediate results.

Even the smallest success is still a success.

The most beautiful masterpieces are created over time. Success isn’t a defined destination. It’s a path of many different directions that end up coming together in the end. You don’t have to be “on” all the time or be where society says you should be to be successful. Success and growth come with time, and it’s okay if you’re not where you thought you should be. You’ll get there when you’re meant to get there, and not a moment sooner.

The Best Things In Life Happen Over Time

The best things in life take time, which hardly ever happens all at once. Sometimes we’ll wait, and wait, and wait. It can feel easy to lose motivation when you feel like things aren’t happening in the timing you prefer. If a plan isn’t working how you envisioned, switch and adjust your plan as needed, but never give up. Plans can and will change. This might disrupt how we initially envisioned something going, but it doesn’t mean we should completely give up on what we know is possible. 

Know that what you want is still worth fighting for, even if your plan doesn’t work out how you thought it would. Every time you’re redirected, it just means that you’ll be directed to something better. Even through the setbacks and the challenges. While the plan might change, the commitment of working towards your goal should never change. Sometimes life has a way of redirecting us, making our plans work out better than we could’ve imagined. 

Protect Your Mental Health At All Costs

If something isn’t serving you any longer, it’s okay to close the door and walk away. Determine the things that are important to you, but don’t get so lost in it that you feel like you’re drowning. No matter what you are working towards, know that it will always be there. Your mental health should always be a top priority. It’s okay if something doesn’t fit into your life like it once did–always protect your mental health at all costs. Even if that means letting go of something that you thought you’d always hold onto. Things can change quickly. If something is no longer serving you or adding to your life, it might be time to subtract it. Make your mental health number one. I’ve felt the most burnout when I’m prioritizing other tasks over my own self-care.

Motivational reminders

Circle Back To Your Purpose

What motivates me most when I’m feeling stuck, is reminding myself why I started in the first place. Attaching purpose to the meaning of why you’re doing something will inspire you to keep going. Trying to come up with excuses for why your goals aren’t achievable (such as not feeling like doing it) can cause a barrier between the sole purpose of why you started in the first place.

If you dread something before you even attempt to start it, you’ll already have a negative mindset, causing you to lack motivation. Ever hear of the 10-minute rule? It’s the mindset of committing to a task for 10 minutes. When you reach the end of the 10 minutes, you’ll choose whether you’ll keep doing it or stop altogether. The goal is to help you find enough motivation to push you and keep going. Which is usually obtainable since you already started in the first place.

If you commit and remind yourself of why you started something in the first place, it can help change your mindset altogether. Sometimes the biggest challenge is convincing yourself that it’s still worth it. But you’ll find committing to your goals and following through with them is always worth it. There’s always heightened satisfaction when we’re able to find the motivation to finish what we started.

It’s Never Too Late To Start Again

The pressure of always feeling like we have to complete something by a certain time frame, or we missed our window, is what makes us feel behind. If you missed a goal or feel like it’s too late because you missed a deadline, know that it’s never too late to start again. You’ll always receive what’s meant for you. Sometimes I think we miss opportunities because we’re waiting for the right moment. But if we wait too long, we could be waiting forever. The hardest part is always getting started. But you’ll find after you do, it’s easier if you start by making small commitments little by little. Excuses will only hold you back. As soon as you commit to making a change, everything around you starts to change. It’s never too late to start again, no matter what goal you’re working towards.

The hardest part of anything is simply getting started. Finding the motivation you need rarely comes easy, every time you need it. If you find yourself feeling stuck, remind yourself of all the reasons you could succeed rather than fail. The path you’ll take to get there might not be easy, but it’ll always be worth it.

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  1. 2.7.24
    LG said:

    This was well written and full of practical advice. The writing style was warm as if a friend was talking with me.

  2. 2.7.24
    Nicole said:

    Absolutely loved this post.

  3. 2.7.24
    Rebecca said:

    This is so good. Thank you for sharing. The rut is easy to find yourself in. I appreciate these reminders. 🙂

    • 2.7.24

      Thank you so much!! So true, being mindful makes it easier for us to try and pull ourselves out.

  4. 2.7.24

    This really hit home for me. It’s too easy to be impatient and hard on ourselves when things get tough, but so important to be kind to ourselves in order to work through the process. I especially love “Success Can Look Like Showing Up One Day At A Time.” Healing and growth take time, and sometimes you just have to take it a day at a time! Thanks for sharing these valuable insights.

    • 2.7.24

      So glad to hear it resonated with you!! I agree, even when it feels like there’s no ending, or we aren’t progressing, every day is a step closer. Growth happens over time & it definitely is important to be patient with ourselves throughout the process!

  5. 2.7.24
    Angelia said:

    Great post! Sometimes, it can be hard to get out of a rut, and these tips are helpful. Thank you for sharing!

    • 2.7.24

      Thank you, I’m glad you found them helpful!! Yes it definitely can be challenging to get out of, but easy to get in. Making the commitment even for a small change can make such a huge difference! ❤️

  6. 2.7.24

    I’m no stranger to burnout and this is so important! Thank you so much! <3

    • 2.7.24

      Thank you, I’m glad it resonated with you!! Same though, so important for us to recognize the signs & take breaks when needed!

  7. 2.7.24

    If a plan doesn’t work out, adjust your plan, but never give up- love this phrase in your post. Thanks for sharing this wonderful article!

  8. 2.7.24
    Jasmine said:

    The reminder of “It’s Okay To Pause And Take A Break” really hits home! 😅 It took me so many years to come to the awareness that even rest is just as productive and rewarding. Thank you for sharing this incredible post!

    • 2.7.24

      I’m so glad it resonated with you!! I agree though, I feel like at times I’m still learning how to separate & shut off my brain when it’s much needed. Thanks for reading!

  9. 2.7.24
    Rave said:

    Great reminders!

  10. 3.5.24

    Such great tips! Very timely post… thanks for the motivation!

  11. 3.5.24
    Laib said:

    Nice motivating ideas we all need in our daily life. I liked the 10min goal idea.

    • 3.6.24

      Thank you!! Yes, sometimes it’s as simple as starting small and working our way up. It can make all the difference!

  12. 4.3.24
    Kristine said:

    Great guide to motivational reminders when you’re feeling stuck and stressed! Protecting mental health needs to come first, and that’s really hard to do when juggling everyday life for yourself, kids, and work. Thank you for another great super helpful post!

    • 4.4.24

      Aw thank you so much! I’m glad you found it helpful. I agree, it really is hard maintaining it all, but it’s all about finding that balance and what works best.