6 Things You Should Never Compromise On In A Relationship

6 things you should never compromise on in a relationship.

Before I was in a loving and healthy relationship, I wasted too much time compromising who I was to mold into who somebody else wanted me to be. When you want something to work, you tend to overlook things that would normally make you think twice. I thought if I changed or compromised on who I was, that the relationship would magically change and improve. There were many times I compromised on my happiness, solely because it meant keeping peace with the other person.

A relationship shouldn’t just be about one person conforming to what the other person wants or needs. But, rather, the two of you coming together and figuring it out as you go. While there are times for compromises and sacrifices in a relationship, there are 6 things you should never compromise on:

1. Never Compromise On Your Self-Worth 

If there’s one piece of advice I could’ve given to myself 10 years ago, it would be: Never sacrifice your self-worth for anybody you’re with

When we lower our standards and settle for less than we deserve, we’re missing an opportunity for a true and healthy love. The person you’re with should always make you a better version of yourself, not a less version of who you are. The amount of pain I endured from my own choices could’ve saved me a lot of heartache if I knew the value of never compromising my self-worth. I felt like I wasn’t worthy of a loving relationship because of my past choices, so I wasn’t holding myself to a higher standard. 

No matter your past choices or current feelings, you can always change into who you want to be. In the relationship before I met my husband, I was questioning my self-worth daily. I convinced myself I deserved where I was. It makes me want to hug my 22-year-old self and tell her that it’s never worth compromising your self-worth because you are worth more than that

If the person you’re with is making you question who you are, they simply aren’t the right person for you. Nobody should ever criticize or put you down for being yourself. A loving partner loves you for who you are, flaws included. Never sacrifice your self-worth for the sake of a relationship or a person. 

2. Never Compromise On Your Values Or Opinions 

While you and your significant other won’t agree on everything, you should still always respect each other’s values and opinions, even when they aren’t the same. Never change who you are to fit into who somebody else wants you to be. 

Along with compromising my self-worth in the last relationship I was in, I realized how much I lost sight of my values because of what the other person believed. If my opinion wasn’t the same, then it was wrong—and there’s so much wrong with that way of thinking. We each have a space in this world. Our values and opinions should be recognized and appreciated, not put down and ignored. 

Your voice is always important, along with your values and opinions. You might not agree on every little thing. But, you should always know that your opinion is valued and heard by your significant other. You might even find the things that are most important to you, become important to your partner, too. Because they care about the things you care about.

3. Never Compromise On Your Dreams

This is a huge one. Looking back, it’s hard to believe that I almost compromised on a major dream of mine because of my partner’s insecurities and jealousy. When I first started college, I knew I wanted a writing degree, but I had no idea what career path to pursue. After the course of six years, along with a few detours, I was finally in my last year of college with 24 credits left to take. 

A couple of months into the semester, I was struggling. More emotionally than academically, but it somehow became extremely challenging for me to even find the strength to attend class. I’ll never forget when my boyfriend at the time was encouraging me to drop out of school. The sad part is, if I wasn’t as close as I was getting my degree, I might’ve listened to him. My dream for so long was to get a degree in writing.  Thankfully, I stuck by my promise of always finishing what I started, and I ended up getting my degree.

Fast-forward to when I met my husband, and I had an interview in New York. While we weren’t officially dating yet (but well on our way), I’ll never forget the support and encouragement to pursue that dream. No matter what that might’ve looked like for us. It was the complete opposite of my last relationship. 

The person you’re with should always encourage you to pursue your goals and dreams. Not discourage you, or leave you without support. No matter how the situation looks, or the time it takes to get there. Never compromise on your dreams for the sake of another person. You’ll only be hurting yourself in the end. 

4. Never Compromise On Respect 

Through every experience I’ve gone through, and the many different people I’ve met throughout my life, I learned that you should never compromise on self-respect. I didn’t realize how much respect I didn’t have for myself until it was completely gone. If you respect yourself and stand on that respect, you’ll never settle for anything less than you deserve.

The best relationship advice I ever received was summed up in three words: Love doesn’t hurt.

No matter what type of disagreement you and your partner are having, the words should always be healthy, uplifting, and positive. The person you’re with should bring out the best version possible of you. And if they don’t, then they aren’t good enough for you. Never sacrifice your self-respect trying to please somebody else. How somebody treats you says everything about them. 

Respect is the single most important thing you could ever give yourself. Once you know the respect you deserve, you’ll never settle for less.

5. Never Compromise On Your Happiness 

Never lose sight of anything that makes you happy, especially if it’s at the cost of pleasing somebody else. It’s hard thinking about all the times I compromised my happiness to make somebody else happy. Which was only temporary happiness, in the end.

Nobody can truly be happy if they aren’t happy with themselves, and nobody should look to you to fill their void. If you start giving up the things you love and care about, you’ll compromise on the things that make you, you

I became such a shell of a person before because I was conforming to what somebody else wanted and expected me to be. I lost sight of all the things that made me happy. Even if it was something as simple as spending time with a friend or my family. Anyone that makes you feel guilty for being you, or asks you to compromise on your happiness, doesn’t deserve you to begin with. 

6. Never Compromise On Trust 

Your gut feeling will never lie to you. If you always find yourself second-guessing if you can trust the person you’re with, the subtle red flag is already there. We can make all the excuses in the world, but if something feels off, then it usually is. Any time I’ve had an off-feeling about something, even if I wanted to ignore it or be wrong about how I felt, the feelings were always spot on. 

When you’re in a relationship, there should always be an equal amount of trust. You shouldn’t always feel like you have to bend over backward trying to explain yourself. Especially when you aren’t doing anything wrong. Trust is the backbone of relationships. False claims can cause you to question your reality, but the truth is always the truth. Never compromise on trust, those feelings will never lie to you. 

Compromises and sacrifices are important in a relationship, but not when it comes to compromising on who you are. The person you’re with should always make you feel like the best version of yourself. If you find yourself in a relationship where you’re compromising on everything you stand for, know that there’s someone better out there who will never expect you to be anybody but yourself. And above all, always remember: Love doesn’t hurt.

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  1. 2.11.24
    Karolina said:

    Enjoyed reading this post! It’s hitting all the right notes about what’s important in a relationship. Couldn’t agree more with the key points shared here. Lots of love for you and your hubby!

  2. 2.12.24
    Carolyn M said:

    Good advice here!

    I’m trying to figure out in my relationship how to meld two dreams. We both respect each others dreams but they are different.

    • 2.13.24

      Thanks!! Finding common ground can be challenging, but that’s so important that you both have the respect for each other even though your dreams look different. Communication & working together will definitely help you figure it all out. Wishing you both the best! ❤️

  3. 2.12.24

    Some compromises are a detriment to a healthy relationship. Great blog post. All those points are vital to a happy relationship.

    • 2.13.24

      Absolutely agree! & some compromises are definitely non-negotiable. Appreciate you reading ❤️

  4. 2.13.24
    Ashton said:

    I’m loving this post! We sometimes get so caught up in the other persons wants and needs we forget about our own. Thank you for sharing!

  5. 2.13.24

    I love the way you have explained this topic. I totally agree with all the points you have shared.

  6. 2.13.24

    Excellent advice for everyone!

  7. 3.7.24
    Selene said:

    Thanks for sharing this. I think sometimes we’re so focused on the relationship itself that it is easy to forget of simple things as our dreams or even our self worth. Loved reading this!

    • 3.8.24

      That’s so true! I know I’ve been guilty of it myself. In those moments it’s crucial to remind ourselves how important our well-being is despite what relationship we’re in or what’s going on around us. & thank you so much!