7 Ways To Engage In Self-Care For Your Mental Health

7 ways to engage in self-care for your mental health.

Self-care involves prioritizing your well-being and doing anything that contributes to your personal growth. It includes showing up for yourself, and doing anything that helps you become a better version of you. At the beginning of the year, I felt extremely burned out and unmotivated. I was spreading myself thin in too many areas, and neglecting things that were important to my mental and physical health. Once I became aware of how I felt, I knew I had to make a change, or I would be walking down a path that I didn’t want to be on. 

My biggest issue was telling myself that I didn’t have the time for self-care. My mind was in a continuous cycle of overloading on everything I had to do, yet feeling like I didn’t even know where to start. I lost my balance of trying to accomplish what I needed to do while trying to take care of myself in the process. 

Self-care is anything that we can do to improve our health, whether that’s mental, spiritual, or physical. When we’re able to shift our mindset and enter a state of rest, including engaging in self-care practices, it helps us focus exactly where we’re at in the present moment. Once I realized how much my self-care was being neglected, I started making it a priority to incorporate practices into my daily life.

While there are days we might feel stressed for time, if we start by engaging in small self-care practices each day, it’ll eventually become a part of our daily routine. If you’ve been feeling like your self-care routine is lacking lately, here are 7 ways to engage in self-care for your mental health: 

1. Focus On One Task At A Time

When we try to do everything at once, it becomes harder to focus on the tasks in front of us because our minds are going in a million different directions. By slowing down and learning how to be mindful of where you are, it’ll help you focus on one thing at a time. When I first launched my website, I was overloaded by trying to learn everything at once. It was overwhelming trying to learn which tasks to prioritize, because everything seemed just as important as the other.

Instead of wondering how all the pieces are going to fit, focus on one part of the picture at a time. Eventually, everything will connect and come together, but it takes time to see the bigger picture. When we spread ourselves thin, trying to complete too much at once, we end up getting farther behind. If you take the moment to slow down, it’ll help you focus on where you’re at, helping you get to where you eventually want to be. 

2. Maintain A Positive Perspective

Our thoughts and mindset shape how we think, act, and feel. If you’re in a constant state of focusing on negativity instead of positivity, it’s only going to make everything that much harder when it comes to your self-care. The more you feed into negative thoughts, the more you’ll believe them. I used to struggle with focusing on where I wanted to be, instead of accepting that I was where I was for a reason. 

We typically believe what we think, even if it’s not always true. Know that you’re doing the best you can with what you have and what you know, and that’s all you can do. Refuse to get down on yourself or feed into negative thoughts, especially if you’re not where you thought you should be.

You’re exactly where you’re at because you’re supposed to be there, regardless of how it might feel or if you’re starting to second guess that. Instead of the mindset, “I should be doing…”, shift it to focusing on “I might not get to that one thing today, but here’s a list of everything I was able to accomplish…”. Sometimes it’s as simple as shifting our mindset to have a clear, positive perspective to help us accept where we’re at. 

3. Prioritize What’s Important To You 

Is your skincare nighttime routine important to you? Spending time with the people who bring out the best in you? Reading a book or listening to a podcast that fulfills you? Give priority and focus on what’s important to you to engage in healthy self-care. When I’m feeling down, one of the best things I know I can do for myself is to carve out time for exercise or spend time with the people who make me feel more like myself.

Even on the days when you don’t feel like you have a lot of time, schedule it out so you’re still being fulfilled in one way or another. It might not always feel convenient, but you’ll always feel better afterward when you do something for yourself. Focus on what’s important to you and give priority to it. You can’t pour from an empty cup, and only you know what’s going to fill that cup for you. 

4. Identify Where Your Stress Stems From 

For me, stress was coming from a place of trying to do way too much at once and getting down on myself when I wasn’t where I thought I should be. It also didn’t help that I was comparing myself to others, which ended up making me feel more behind than I was. We can’t compare our path to somebody else’s because our path isn’t supposed to look like their path. We each have to learn in our own time and our own ways, and that’s not always going to look like the same as somebody else.

Once you can identify where your stress comes from, it’ll be easier learning how you can manage it. I knew that my constant stress was leading to burnout, and if anything, that was stressing me out even more. I knew I couldn’t physically or mentally be at my best self until I learned how to manage the stress I was experiencing. Actively work on how you can change or improve what’s contributing to your stress, so that you don’t keep falling into that cycle. 

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5. Improve Sleep Habits

When we don’t allow ourselves the right amount of time to rest or sleep, our mental clarity becomes nonexistent. I remember there was a point where I was hardly getting 6 hours of sleep at night. I would go to bed super late, and then wake up multiple times throughout the night thinking about everything I had to do the next day. Not only that, but I was so frustrated because I was wanting sleep, yet I never knew how to shut my mind off. Each day has its own set of challenges. We need to learn how to keep that separate, rather than putting too much focus on what needs to be done at a later time.

Something that profoundly helped me was laying down in bed earlier and setting my phone aside so that my mind could relax before I fell asleep. It also helped when I learned how to prioritize my days into smaller tasks, identifying which tasks were most important to accomplish. If you can separate each task from one another and focus on one thing at a time, it helps make it more manageable. Learn how to prioritize rest so that you’re able to face each day with a clear and energized mindset. 

6. Take A Digital Detox 

Recently, a few close friends of mine told me how they’re doing a digital detox and taking a break from social media for a bit. They all mentioned the same thing: they were mindlessly scrolling, and before they knew it, hours would pass by. A digital detox is when you take a break from technology, whether it’s online or social media. This also includes either reducing your screen time or completely disconnecting from it altogether. 

Several years ago, when I first started freelancing, I fell into the trap of constantly comparing myself to other writers, which started negatively affecting my mental health. It’s easy to compare how our life looks to others’ highlight reels, especially when we’re constantly clouding our minds with social media.

If something is affecting your mental health negatively, take a digital detox as a part of self-care. I temporarily unfollowed accounts that were contributing to my feelings. Not only did it help me focus on where I was at in the present, I no longer felt those feelings of inadequacy or low self-esteem. It doesn’t necessarily mean removing yourself permanently (unless that’s what you need), but just until you don’t have those conflicting feelings anymore.

7. Take Time To Do Nothing 

When was the last time you set aside time for yourself to do absolutely nothing? Resting allows you to reset and recharge, and sometimes that looks like doing nothing. Once you start slowing down and being mindful of exactly where you are, it’ll help you avoid burnout because you’re taking that time to engage in the rest you need. Doing nothing can look like relaxing in bed with a book, binge-watching your favorite TV show, journaling, or simply taking a bath where you’re alone with your thoughts. When we’re able to rest and reset, then it gives us the mental clarity and shift in focus that we need.

Engaging in self-care is something that we can always work and improve on. Once you start making self-care a priority, it’ll become easier to maintain it in your daily life. Self-care starts with slowing down and continually checking in with yourself and how you feel. Remember—one thing, one day at a time, and you’ll always get exactly where you need to be. 

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  1. 3.20.24

    I genuinely have to work on my sleeping habits. They affect my productivity and it’s bad. Thank you for sharing 😊

    • 3.21.24

      It’s always a work in progress!! Some weeks are better than others for me, but even the smallest changes make the biggest difference. Hoping you find a routine that works for you!

  2. 3.20.24

    Great post!

  3. 3.20.24
    Jasmine said:

    In a world where we often feel pressured to do it all, remembering to prioritize your well-being it’s so essential. I recently found myself overwhelmed, realizing I needed to make self-care a non-negotiable. So, taking small steps has changed my mindset and empowered me to embrace where I’m at. Thank you for sharing!

    • 3.21.24

      So true, I think the pressure builds up after time and before we realize it, we’re at a state of burnout. I’ve definitely felt the same way, and once I realized the source of why I felt overwhelmed (not taking care or putting myself first), I knew how important it was to implement those changes. It really makes all the difference in our mindset and well-being altogether! Thanks for reading ❤️

  4. 3.20.24

    These are all great strategies for implementing self-care. I’m practicing a few of these in my own life. Thanks for sharing!

  5. 3.20.24

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this – definitely something I’m currently struggling with (especially trying to do it all, all at once).

    • 3.21.24

      Of course! & so difficult, especially when one thing piles on top of another. But it helps when we separate it into smaller tasks, making it way more manageable.

  6. 3.20.24

    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips. Yes, Self-care is a very important topic that everyone should pay attention to. Especially considering the numerous benefits, such as reducing or getting rid of anxiety and depression, lowering stress levels, and boosting happiness.

    • 3.21.24

      Absolutely! I agree with you, self-care is so crucial for our well-being. Unfortunately, sometimes it can get neglected when we aren’t prioritizing it, or recognizing its impact. Truly makes all the difference!

  7. 3.20.24
    Asmaa said:

    I might have mentioned this earlier, but I’ll say it again – your posts continue to inspire and me. Thank you for sharing such insightful content. I LOVE the digital detox idea, I experimented with it a few years back, and it truly made a positive impact on my life.

    • 3.21.24

      Aw that’s so sweet, thank you so much for your kind words! ❤️ Yes, it really does make a huge difference. It’s amazing how disconnecting from the outside world can help us reconnect with ourselves and what truly matters. Thanks for reading!

  8. 3.20.24
    Olga said:

    Thank you for valuable tips! Last year was very stressful, and I feel emotionally drained now. I think I should take better care of myself and my mental health.

    • 3.21.24

      I’m glad the tips were helpful! So sorry to hear that you had a rough year, and I hope this one is better for you. But recognizing the importance of self-care and mental health is a huge step. One thing at a time, I’m hoping for all the strength and peace that you need for your healing!

  9. 3.21.24
    Katie said:

    Great tips! I really need a day where I do nothing, but it’s so hard! Rest is important and I often overlook it

    • 3.21.24

      I agree! It is really hard, especially when we’re always thinking of the next thing we need to do. But I’ve always found I feel much more refreshed afterward!

  10. 4.3.24
    Angelia said:

    Great tips for self-care. Thank you for sharing!