How To Find Contentment No Matter Where You’re At In Life

How to find contentment no matter where you're at in life.

When I think about the word ‘contentment’, I think about finding happiness where you currently are before you get where you’re going. According to the Dictionary, contentment is, “a state of happiness and satisfaction.” Looking back, there was so much time I wasted not being content with my circumstances because I was always focused on the next thing that I was waiting to see happen in my life. 

Our happiness should never depend on something that is or isn’t happening in our lives, because the things in our lives can and will change. I found that even through the times that I finally received what I was waiting for, I wished after that I would’ve enjoyed everything along the way. 

We always think we’ll be happy and finally content or satisfied when we receive what we’re waiting for. But when we fixate on only that, we’ll miss the beauty in the little things along the way. 

Being content doesn’t mean that you aren’t hoping or waiting for changes in your life. It means you’re satisfied and content while waiting for the things you want. If we learn how to shift our attitude and expectations, then we’ll learn how to enjoy the entire journey, not just the final destination. If you’re unsure of how to be content or satisfied in your current circumstances, here’s how to find contentment no matter where you’re at in life:

Enjoy The Current Moment

We’ve all heard it before: to enjoy the current moment we’re in. But what exactly does that look like? To me, it means to be grateful for every single thing that you currently do have, rather than focusing on everything you don’t have. 

I can honestly say for the majority of my teenage and early college years, I was hardly ever content with where I was at. Which made me feel miserable. I never lost sight of being positive about my circumstances, but I know that a part of me always felt discontent because I was always wishing that my circumstances were different or that they would somehow change. 

I felt lost in my direction and purpose. Since I was always so focused on where I was headed rather than appreciating where I was at, it caused me to lose sight of what was important throughout the process. I felt behind in college because I graduated in six years rather than four. Yet, once I finally walked across the stage to receive my diploma, then I was concerned about where I would find a job.

We think that when we finally receive the thing that we’re waiting for, that suddenly our problems will be solved, or that we’ll experience a newfound happiness. The truth is, after we receive what we’re waiting for, there will always be something else. Rather than driving myself miserable throughout the end of my college years, I could’ve focused on being grateful for the extra time I was able to spend there.

Enjoy the current moment you’re in, because time is something you can never get back. Time changes our circumstances, and sometimes it’s not our time yet. It’s not always about the final destination, but rather the entire journey itself. 

Being content where you are doesn't mean that you aren't hoping or waiting for changes in your life. It means you're satisfied and content while waiting for what you want.

Shift Your Expectations

What’s the number one reason that we fail to be content with where we’re at? I think it’s because of the high and unrealistic expectations that we set for ourselves. When we set expectations and those expectations aren’t met, then we feel like we’re falling short in certain areas of our lives.

Just as my previous example about not graduating from college in four years, I was setting unrealistic expectations for myself. During that time, I was able to have an internship at Disney, attend different colleges while living in various cities, which was all a part of my journey. If I could’ve learned the secret to finding contentment rather than getting down on myself or wishing I had different circumstances, my journey itself would’ve looked a lot different. 

The reality is that sometimes we’ll have to wait for things in our lives, and often it won’t make sense. Everything from the time it took me to complete college, to when I moved back home and started working, it all had to line up exactly how it did. Even if I had graduated when I “thought” I should’ve, I would’ve never met my husband because of the timing of his life circumstances as well. 

If we learn how to shift our expectations and attitude to find contentment in where we’re at, rather than always fixating on where we want to be, we’ll find that there’s always purpose in what we’re waiting for

Be Grateful For Everything You Do Have

When I unexpectedly lost my job last year, it would’ve been easy for me to dwell and focus on everything that I didn’t have. Half of our income, insurance, and stability within one morning of work was lost. I was still upset when it initially happened and for some time after, but I refused to let myself dwell and stay in a negative mindset. 

When we only look at everything that we don’t have, we fail to be grateful for what we do have. Losing my job didn’t define me as a person or determine my self-worth. I knew that no matter what did or didn’t happen, I had a husband who unconditionally loved and supported me. And to me, that was more than enough to be content with everything I did have, regardless of anything I lost along the way. 

Being grateful for what you have doesn’t mean you’ll never experience pain, loss, or feelings of uncertainty. So much of what we go through isn’t specifically what we’re going through, but rather how we handle it and what we choose to focus on. 

Sometimes it’s more of learning how to be grateful for the things that we do have in our lives and being content no matter what we’re waiting on. When we’re only looking at the things we don’t have, we forget to appreciate the beauty and joy in other areas of our lives.

How to find contentment in your life.

Always Remember That Finding Contentment Comes From Within 

Contentment isn’t dependent on our circumstances, it’s found within ourselves. Our happiness and contentment should never go up and down depending on our circumstances or what’s happening around us.

We’ve all experienced feeling unsettled through challenges and uncertainties, which is a normal and natural part of life. But there’s so much time wasted when we’re only focusing on the difficult times of our lives or trying to look ahead to the next part of our lives we’re waiting on. 

The timing might not always make sense to us, especially when we have to wait for something longer than expected. But always remember that no matter what you’re going through, finding contentment always comes from within yourself. 

We can’t always change our circumstances. Sometimes we might not even get the “thing” we desperately think we want or need. But when or if we don’t, then we have to know that there will always be something better waiting for us. It’s more about learning how to be content with ourselves and where we’re at, because in the end we’ll always be wishing that we would’ve enjoyed the process a little more along the way. 

Never waste your time being unhappy where you currently are in life that you miss out on everything right in front of you.

Never waste your time being unhappy where you currently are because you’re too focused on where you’re headed. When we put our focus on the wrong things in our lives, we miss out on everything in front of us. Our circumstances won’t always be the same as they currently are, things can and will change. Never lose sight of what’s truly important, because after all—it’s usually the smallest things in life that end up being the biggest. If you learn how to find contentment with where you are and where you’re headed, it’ll always be more than enough.

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