Helpful Reminders When Facing Disappointment

Helpful reminders when facing disappointment.

We’ve all experienced and faced disappointment in our lives at one point or another. Whether it was a relationship or friendship ending unexpectedly, or even something that didn’t happen in the time that we thought it would. Typically, when facing disappointment, it’s usually because we’re trying to envision how we think something will go. Then, when our expectations fail to meet the reality of what ended up happening, we feel disappointed that it didn’t happen the way we convinced ourselves that it would.

Sometimes it feels impossible to let go of our feelings of disappointment, despite how hard we tried or wanted something to work. If you’ve recently been struggling with disappointment in your life that you can’t seem to understand, here are some helpful reminders when facing disappointment:

Everything Happens In Its Own Timing

Even when we set goals and make plans of how we want something to go, it’s not a guarantee that it will always turn out exactly how we once envisioned it would.

When I was a sophomore in college, I remember planning up this whole scenario in my head of how my life was going to go after I graduated. I told myself I was going to move and live in New York City, and write for a larger name-brand magazine. One of my professors at the time told me that my best luck would be to move to New York and live there for awhile, before I would be able to even secure an interview. Although I moved home after graduation to save money, I decided to take my chances and apply anyway. A few months later, I was on a plane to NYC to interview for Seventeen magazine.

While it was a blessing looking back, I didn’t end up receiving what I thought was my “dream” job. I knew even if I received the offer, I would’ve had to turn it down because the cost of living was way out of my budget. I was extremely disappointed because this was my “dream”, but I realized that not everything always turns out exactly how we envision something. And that’s okay.

Right before I flew out for the interview, I met my now husband. I know that if I would’ve got that job, my life would be completely different from what it looks like today. Everything happens in its timing, and sometimes disappointment is the best thing for us, even if we can’t understand the reasoning behind it right away. 

This Will Eventually Pass

One of my favorite phrases is, “This too shall pass.” Everything in our lives has its season, and not everything will always be exactly like it is now. While the initial sting of disappointment can hurt immensely, know that you won’t always feel the way you currently do. 

I think one of the hardest parts of dealing with disappointment is coming to terms with and trying to understand why we have to go through certain trials. Not everything makes sense when we try to understand it from our current perspective, but it always makes sense looking backward. 

Your feelings of disappointment might come with a heavy weight that you can’t seem to release, but eventually, the pain will lessen as more time passes. The hard times won’t last forever. Even if you feel caught up in the feelings of disappointment, know that it’ll eventually pass. Always keep pressing forward, instead of getting caught up in what already happened.

Feel All Of Your Feelings

When something happens that we can’t understand, sometimes we think it would be easier to ignore our feelings in hopes that they’ll go away. But ignoring your feelings will only cause them to resurface later. 

Acknowledge and feel all of your feelings. Be honest with yourself about why you feel the way you do. Do you feel disappointed because you didn’t get the promotion you thought you secured? Did a relationship that you hoped would work out suddenly end? We can experience disappointment for numerous reasons, but being open and honest about why we feel the way we do can help us work through those emotions. 

After you grieve what you’re disappointed about and allow yourself to feel your feelings, use it as an opportunity to grow from what you went through. Be compassionate towards yourself and for what you know now. Refuse to hold onto feelings of blame or guilt for something not happening how you envisioned it would. Know that it’s normal to experience all the emotions and feelings of disappointment, but refuse to hold onto it any longer than you need to. 

Focus On The Positives And Your Past Success

When we’re already down, it becomes easier for us to focus on all the things that we think are “wrong” with us, rather than focusing on everything that’s right. Sometimes our worst trials can set us on the best paths in our lives. After you experience disappointment and let all of your feelings out, focus on the successes you’ve had, rather than your failures. 

Each of our disappointments and setbacks in life allows us to push toward a better future, even if something doesn’t turn out like we thought it would. While there’s so much we can’t understand at the moment we experience it, shift your mindset to focus on everything positive, rather than negative. 

Focusing on the times we’ve been successful helps give us hope for endless possibilities of what the future might bring; even if something didn’t happen how we envisioned it would.

Experiencing disappointment is a normal part of everyone’s life. But getting caught up in our expectations can cause us to lose sight of ourselves. Adjust your expectations to be more realistic if something doesn’t happen in the time you thought it would, or if it doesn’t happen the way you imagined it would. 

Your expectations should never determine your destiny. There’s always something better for you waiting if you experience disappointment. Always keep pressing forward instead of looking backward. There’s always far better ahead than anything we have to leave behind.

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  1. 4.10.24

    Great points… especially focusing on the positive. Staying in the place of disappointment won’t help move us forward.

    • 4.11.24

      Absolutely! It’s all about learning how to shift our mindset so that we’re able to walk through any situation we’re faced with.

  2. 4.10.24

    Amen to that. As an aspiring author, I’ve been faced with lots of disappointment, but I’m still writing. Disappointment should never stop you from doing something that you want to do.

    • 4.11.24

      I definitely feel and agree with this as a writer! I think it’s SO important to keep pushing through all the rejections, “no’s”, and “not yet’s”. Part of being successful means working through the disappointments and redirections, it always leads us exactly where we need to be!

  3. 4.10.24
    Brandi Jones said:

    Excellent read! I’m going through a phase of various changes, and this helped me feel a bit better.

    • 4.11.24

      Change is definitely always hard at first, especially when it’s happening in multiple areas of our lives! I’m glad that it helped you feel a little better ❤️

  4. 4.10.24
    Courtney said:

    This is a wonderful post! Handling disappointment can be so hard for many people. Thank you for sharing.

    • 4.11.24

      Thank you so much!! So true. It always hurts at first, but I like to believe that eventually it gets easier with time!

  5. 4.11.24
    Juane said:

    I have quite a difficult time with one of my best friends and reading your blog was very helpful. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

    • 4.11.24

      So sorry to hear that. Hope things get better soon, and I’m glad you found it helpful!