5 Mindset Shifts That Will Change The Way You Think

5 Mindset Shifts That Will Change The Way You Think

If there’s one important takeaway that I’ve learned through the hard times, it’s that perspective is everything. 

Our perspective influences the way we think, feel, and how we choose to keep moving forward—regardless of what’s taking place around us. We can’t always control what happens to us, but we can control our perspective and ability to always find the light, no matter what we’re facing in life.

I’ve always known that I’m a highly sensitive person because I’ve always felt everything on such a deep level. If I were to write out on paper how I forced myself through the times that felt impossible to get through, there would never be a simple one-size solution of how I made it to the other side. But regardless of what I was going through, the most important thing I’ve learned is how to re-shift my mindset.

When we’re caught up in a negative mindset, we’ll continue to fall into a negative pattern of thinking. But when we learn how to shift our mindset, it can change the way we think and feel about a situation.

A mindset shift is when you reframe the way you think about a situation. It shapes how we perceive situations, influencing our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Here are 5 mindset shifts that will change the way you think:

1. Not Everything Needs An Explanation 

It almost seems like it’s human nature that we always feel the need to explain ourselves when saying “no” or setting a boundary. 

I used to be so guilty of this. I could never just say no to something that I didn’t want to do, or something that I was uncomfortable with—without feeling the need to over-explain my reasoning. 

You don’t always need to explain your decisions. Sometimes something isn’t right for you, and it’s okay to feel that way without attaching a lengthy reasoning to it. Creating healthy boundaries for yourself isn’t something that should be an option, it’s necessary for your mental health. 

There’s so much power in saying no and putting yourself first, regardless of what somebody else might think about a decision you make. Not everything needs an explanation. If somebody demands that, then it might be time to re-evaluate where you stand in their life. Your decisions and choices should always be respected by the people who love you, even if or when they can’t understand them.

2. What’s Meant For You Will Never Miss You

How many times do we force something that isn’t meant to be, because of our desire of how bad we want it to work out?

I’ve held onto relationships and friendships longer than I should’ve, in fear of learning how to let go. We think that the longer we hold onto something, the more secure it’ll be, when usually it ends up the complete opposite. 

When we hold onto something that isn’t meant for us, we’re only prolonging what is meant for us. Once I learned how to shift my mindset to realize that anything that was meant for me would always be for me, it became easier to let go of anything that shouldn’t be in my life anymore. 

Instead of being upset when something doesn’t work out like I thought it would, I always try to shift my mindset by accepting that it didn’t work out because there’s something better waiting for me. It’s usually beyond our reasoning or understanding at first. But eventually we can always see why certain things have to fall apart, so better things can fall together. The things that are meant for you will never miss you. Always trust that if a door closes, it’s because a better one is about to open.

3. Timing Is Everything, Sometimes It’s Not Your Time

After I graduated from college, it took me a couple of years before I started to find any sort of direction. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t land a job immediately, especially considering the amount of time and hard work there was behind my degree. But as time went on, I was able to see why other things had to come together first before it was my time with my career.

When we’re in the midst of waiting, it can be hard to understand the reasoning. In the years that I was waiting for the right opportunity, I was learning and growing in other areas that needed strengthening first. My life would look completely different if I would’ve landed a career before I met my husband, and chances are I wouldn’t be where I am today if my life had taken a different turn. 

Timing is everything, and sometimes if something isn’t happening the way you want it to or how you expected, it might not be your time. Trust that what you’re believing and hoping for will come when it’s meant to, even if it appears the exact opposite. 

4. Actions Always Show What Words Can’t 

Anybody can say anything, but words fall flat if there isn’t any action behind it. One of the most important mindset shifts I’ve learned is that when people show you who they are, believe them. We want to believe that people always have our best intentions in mind, but the truth is sometimes no matter how hard we try or how bad we want someone to be a certain way, they’re always at the core of who they are.

Looking back, I think I could’ve saved myself from experiencing a lot of painful lessons and heartache if I had looked at people more by their actions, rather than relying on the words I thought I wanted to hear. It doesn’t take long for people to eventually show their true colors, and when true colors are shown, they’ll always bleed black and white. 

Sometimes it’s hard to accept what we don’t want to believe, but people will always show you who they are. And sometimes people will never be who we want them to be. Actions always prove what words can’t. 

When someone repeatedly shows you who they are, believe them.


5. Not Everyone Will Understand Your Journey, But They Don’t Have To

This goes hand in hand with not always needing to explain your decisions, but not everyone will always understand your journey. 

I’ve honestly lost count of how many times I was told that I should pursue a career other than writing. The one thing I could never understand was how people thought they knew what was best for me. I used to feel guilty for not making decisions based on what other people were telling me to do. But once I had a mindset shift that not everybody has to understand my journey, it became easier to start caring less what other people thought, while pursuing my own direction and path. 

5 Mindset Shifts That Will Change The Way You Think

It’s easy for somebody to look on the outside in and make an assumption about your situation or where you’re at in your life, but nobody knows what’s best for you other than you. Accept that not everyone will understand (or maybe even support) your journey, but they don’t have to. The only thing that matters is that you’re following what’s best for you, regardless of what it looks like to somebody else. 

It takes time to shift your mindset, especially if you’ve always thought or felt a certain way. Once you’re able to learn how to reframe how you think and feel about a situation, your mindset will always carry you through even the toughest of times. There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, sometimes you just have to be willing to look for it.

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  1. 5.8.24

    That’s some very good advice. Having these kinds of mindsets can help your emotional health and make good decisions. Good job!

  2. 5.8.24
    Juane said:

    Such a beautiful and reflective post. Being a highly sensitive person myself, I can relate to many of your points, especially the last one. It’s tough when everyone (especially family) insists on knowing what’s best for you without even understanding what you are doing and why.

    • 5.8.24

      Aw thank you, I’m so glad you can relate! ❤️ So true, I never understood how or why people think that way, but once I stopped putting all my energy into caring so much it became easier to focus on my direction and path. Regardless it made sense to anybody else or not. Thanks for reading!

  3. 5.8.24
    Eshna Dalal Saharan said:

    Loved it..!